Curious as to how a tankless water heater works? You’re not alone. Many people do not understand the vast benefits. The concept is simple. The water heater heats the water as you need it, verses continually heating water that is stored in a tank. The system accesses the gas or electric heat systems of a building to provide warm water to sinks, showers or washing machines only when the user requests heated water. The modern water heater technology is advanced enough to quickly generate that warm water when requested. This means no more compromising on hot water usage.

Pittsburgh Tankless Water Heaters Benefits!

You won’t run out of hot water just because someone took too long in the shower, unlike in a standard tank system. Though the initial investment in a demand system is greater than that of a tank system, over time the energy savings pay for the initial cost as money is saved through efficient use of heated water. Another bonus is they’re more durable and efficient. They typically last five to ten years longer than your standard hot water tanks, and their compact size saves you space. There’s another problem you avoid with a tankless system – using water that has been stored in a tank with accumulated rust and scale. Overall, the tankless system is superior and a far better choice.

At Restano Heating, Cooling & Plumbing, we believe in providing our customers with quality service and quality products. That’s why, when it comes to tankless water heaters, we use the best products. Restano Heating, Cooling & Plumbing’s top choices are Rheem and Bradford White tankless water heaters. Rheem tankless water heaters “provide the comfort and convenience of having a continuous supply of hot water”. Their gas models are perfect for homes with busy families, luxury bathrooms or vacation homes. Bradford White tankless water heaters “supply continuous hot water at a set temperature to the entire house.” Their systems operate only when there is a need for hot water, reducing overall energy usage. They save valuable space, and can be installed both indoors and outdoors.

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To learn more about installing a tankless water heater in the Pittsburgh area, contact a professional from Restano Heating, Cooling & Plumbing with experience in maintaining, installing and selling the required equipment. We will have answers to all your questions regarding the cost, time line for installation and regular maintenance, how it operates, what savings to expect on the monthly utility bills and more. Be sure to ask trusted family members, friends and coworkers with a demand system about their experience and where to go when you decide to get such a system for yourself.