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Drain Cleaning

Professional Drain Cleaning Services

Residential Drain Cleaning in Pittsburgh

Restano Heating, Cooling, and Plumbing is your go-to solution for all your drain-related issues. Serving Pittsburgh and nearby areas, we specialize in professional drain cleaning services. Whether you're facing backed-up drains or unpleasant sewage odors, our team of experts is just a call away. We also offer 24-hour emergency drain services for your convenience. Trust us to keep your drains functioning flawlessly and say goodbye to all your drain worries.

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Drain Cleaning in Pittsburgh

Types of Clogged Drains We Clean

Experience the excellence of Restano Heating, Cooling & Plumbing, your go-to experts for top-tier drain cleaning services. Trust our skilled technicians to promptly arrive, tackle all your drain cleaning needs, and ensure your drains are thoroughly cleaned and restored to optimal condition. With our state-of-the-art video technology, we swiftly identify any plumbing problems within your property. Whether you're facing a drain issue at home or in your office, our experienced plumbers have the expertise to diagnose the problem and recommend the most effective solution to wash your troubles away.

Over time, the drains in your home may become clogged due to the accumulation of various substances such as hair, grease, small objects, and soap. These blockages can pose a risk of overflow or even flooding. At Restano Heating, Cooling, and Plumbing, our team is well-equipped to handle all your drain cleaning service requirements. We have the expertise to effectively address any level of clogged drain problem. Listed below are some of the typical causes of drain clogs that we frequently clear in residential Pittsburgh homes.

Common residential drains that need cleaning:

  • Bathroom Sink, Bathtub, and Shower Drain: An enormous amount of hair and personal care products (soap, shampoo, body wash) can go down your drains causing, backups.
  • Kitchen Drains: Food, grease, and food particles going into your kitchen sink pipes can create a blockage over time.
  • Laundry Drains: The laundry room may cause backups in other drains throughout your home. We are ready to clear any clogs, including ones caused by your home washing machine.
  • Toilet Drains: Avoid flushing paper towels, personal care products, wipes, or tissues as they can clog the pipes and result in unpleasant backups, causing your toilet and its contents to overflow onto your bathroom floor.
  • Floor Drains: Drains in your garage, basement, or driveway can become clogged and backed up on your home’s lowest level creating a substantial smelly mess.

Consider your everyday schedule. What gets flushed down your drain? When you clean your dirty dishes, different types of grease and food particles are washed away through your drainage system. When you take a shower, soap, hair, and even dirt particles are carried into your home's drainage system. Neglecting regular maintenance of your home drains can result in clogs that can compromise your entire sewer system. That's why it is crucial to book drain cleaning services with a trusted local plumbing company. Here are some advantages of having your drains cleaned by experienced plumbers.

Five benefits of scheduling professional drain cleaning:

  • Eliminate standing water and blockages
  • Save money on frequent clog repairs or replacements
  • Extend the life of your plumbing by utilizing professional cleaning
  • Prevent foul odors from build-ups
  • Decrease chances of waster water causing home damage
  • Professional sewer system recommendations

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Drain Cleaning

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Contact Restano Heating, Cooling, and Plumbing. Let our expert drain cleaning technicians take care of your kitchen, bathroom, garage, and laundry room drains. Say goodbye to slow-draining water and unwanted pools of water in your showers or bathtubs. After our cleaning service, your kitchen sink and other plumbing fixtures will be less likely to overflow and create a messy situation. Trust Restano Heating, Cooling, and Plumbing for all your drain cleaning needs in Pittsburgh and the surrounding areas. Schedule an appointment with us today.

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We've used Restano for multiple projects and have never been disappointed. From the first call to the actual service, they are prompt and professional and their prices are fair for a job well done. Would highly recommend them.

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Restano will be our choice of repair company for anything that goes wrong in our home. Can't say enough how professional the guys who came out were. Highly recommend!!!

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We've used Restano for HVAC and plumbing exclusively for two years. Every person I've interacted with from here has been really friendly and professional. I just had Chris from Restano put in plumbing for a new bathroom and repair our floating stack in the basement. He did an amazing job and was communicative and forthcoming the whole time with input, questions, and suggestions. Highly recommend

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