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Backflow Prevention

Plumbing Services 

Protect Your Drinking Water with Backflow Testing

Our plumbers provide Pittsburgh backflow testing and various prevention services. Under certain circumstances, dirt and debris can enter your water supply cross-contaminating your drinking water. Familiar cross-contaminate points are hot tubs, swimming pools, and lawn sprinkler systems. We want to ensure you can trust that the water you are getting from your kitchen sink is safe to drink along with your entitled household water supply. The water supply used in commercial and residential properties for irrigation systems or plumbing should only flow in a single direction to the property. Backflow is hazardous because it can contaminate public drinking water with impurities like fertilizers, pesticides, human waste, and toxic chemicals. Consuming contaminated water can lead to possible health issues and illnesses. To prevent cross-contaminating your water supply, call a professional to help keep your drinking water safe.

Restano Heating, Cooling & Plumbing can install and repair various types of backflow prevention. In addition, our backflow prevention plumbers have certifications to perform tests at residential and commercial properties in the Pittsburgh area. If you need backflow testing and prevention service, call Restano to schedule an appointment today!

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Plumbing Services 

Backflow Prevention for Your Pittsburgh Home

As a homeowner, you can take steps to prevent problems with your plumbing, heating, and other household systems. However, sometimes issues with your plumbing can be totally out of your control. Heavy rain is no stranger to us in the Pittsburgh area, and sometimes it can cause backwater that can flood your faucets or other appliances. Even the best plumbing systems cannot fight off Mother Nature, so it is a good idea to have your backflow tested and take preventative measures.

Backflow is concerning because it can damage your home with overflowing water creating a giant mess. Backflow can also cause your pipes to corrode and eventually leak. The most critical issue surrounding backflow is the effect it can have on your health. Backflow often lies out of your control, and prevention is the best way to protect you and your family.

Prevention includes:

  • conducting a backflow test to investigate if backflow particles are present in the current system
  • inspecting the system's pressure using a backflow test gauge
  • Closing the downstream valve and, after a few minutes, see if any changes in the direction of the pressure gauge have occurred.
  • Checking for water leaks and any other issues.

If you already have a backflow prevention system installed in your home, you may be wondering if it needs to be serviced or repaired. If your home is prone to backflow, it is crucial to ensure your home's prevention system is working correctly. You may need a plumber to test your system, but here are a few visible indicators your backflow preventer could need a repair.

Common signs your backflow preventer needs to be repaired:

  • Pressure Fluctuation
  • Dripping or leak near the backflow preventer
  • Buildup or Discharge in the system
  • Loud banging sounds in the pipe
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Annual Maintenance 

Yearly Backflow Preventer Inspection

It is good practice to have your backflow preventer checked annually by a professional plumber to ensure it works appropriately and avoids water damage to your health and home. Restano Heating, Cooling & Plumbing is a licensed Pittsburgh, PA company that will inspect residential and commercial backflow systems. If you need a backflow preventer repair or installation, call our office today.


Why Our Customer Rest Easy

Great overall experience! Knowledgeable, professional and competitive. Brian answered all my questions, he was very knowledgeable with his presentation. Chris and Will completed the install in a timely manor. Very clean craftsmanship, and professional. Overall experience was amazing. The entire process from first call to job completed in less than a week. It is rare to find a company like Restano. I will definitely recommend to friends and family and to anyone that is looking for the services they offer. Thank you.

Joe G. - Google

Hopefully this reaches the right eyes and ears. But we had John out from Restano plumbing who belonged to the facility at 130 Anderson Drive. He performed an excellent job. It was done efficiently, professionally, and most importantly in a timely manner. Extremely informative and will most definitely use them/him again if needs arise once more. Thank you!

Cuyler R. - Google

Laura D., a plumber with Restano, fixed a leak under my kitchen sink today. she was very professional, knew what was wrong immediately, and replaced the necessary valve. She was personable and it was a good experience.
I have used Restano for 6 years for HVAC repairs and replacements and also plumbing problems.
I have been very pleased with their service and will continue to use them.

Cindy K. - Facebook

Restano has been super reliable, responsive to emergencies and pleasant to deal with. They do high quality work in my experience which includes plumbing installation and repair as well as furnace and heat pump installation.

Phillip B. - BBB


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