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Heating Repair

Keep Your Living Spaces Warm

Professional Heating Repair in Pittsburgh

If you're having trouble with your heating system, it can significantly affect your comfort and safety at home. Whether you're in need of emergency heating services in Pittsburgh or looking for Murrysville furnace installation specialists, Restano Heating, Cooling & Plumbing is your go-to HVAC company. With over 35 years of experience, our highly trained technicians are skilled at diagnosing and repairing any heating problems you may have.

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Any Age, Any Brand

Restano Repairs All Makes and Models

Restano Heating, Cooling, and Plumbing, a local family-owned business, is dedicated to ensuring your comfort and providing exceptional customer service. Our team specializes in delivering quality heating repair services for any age or brand, making us your reliable Pittsburgh HVAC company. Whether you're in need of emergency heating services in Pittsburgh or seeking Murrysville furnace installation specialists, we've got you covered.

Our commitment to your comfort extends to our well-equipped Restano service vehicles, stocked with standard repair parts. This allows us to often complete heating repairs on the first visit. In cases requiring additional equipment, our inventory department promptly places orders. Trust us to be your go-to HVAC company, allowing you to rest easy knowing your comfort is our priority.

Signs Your Heater Needs Repair

Our team of NATE-certified heating and cooling technicians is equipped to repair any brand of heating equipment, including furnaces, heat pumps, ductless units, and boilers. Count on the skilled HVAC technicians at Restano Heating, Cooling & Plumbing to properly diagnose and repair your heating system. Whether you're in need of emergency heating services in Pittsburgh or require Murrysville furnace installation specialists, our team has the expertise to address all your heating needs.

Trust Restano for all your heating needs. Our technicians prioritize your home, taking precautions to minimize disruption and providing helpful information and recommendations without pressure.

  • Sudden Increase in Your Energy Bill: If you've noticed an unexpected spike in your energy costs, it could be a sign of a heating system issue.
  • Dust Collecting at Air Vents & Filters: Excessive dust around vents and filters may indicate a need for heating system maintenance or repair.
  • Unwanted Burning Odor: If you detect a burning smell when your heater is running, it's essential to have it inspected promptly.
  • Heater Frequently Cycling On and Off: This behavior may suggest a malfunction in the heating system that requires attention.
  • Lack of Hot Air: If your heater is not producing enough hot air, it's a clear sign that there's an issue with the system's functionality.

24/7 Emergency Heating System Repair in Pittsburgh

If your heating system breaks down during a cold Pittsburgh winter, it can be a significant inconvenience that could even cause your home or business to reach freezing temperatures. Our team of expert technicians is available 24/7 to address emergency heating repairs in Pittsburgh and the surrounding areas. Call us, and we will promptly dispatch a professional service technician to repair your heating system. Restano Heating, Cooling & Plumbing is your go-to team for repairing the following heating systems:

  • Boilers
  • Gas Furnaces
  • Ductless Mini-Split Systems
  • Oil Furnaces
  • Heat Pumps

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Keep Your Home Comfortable & Safe

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See Why Our Customers

Rest Easy With Restano

I bought my Carrier furnace from Restano in Nov. 2009. Late this afternoon I realized the unit wasn't working correctly as the house temperature was 5 degrees below my request. I knew I needed the problem fixed quickly because tonight's low was forecasted to be 29 degrees. I call Restano after 5 PM and talked to their answering service and requested that the on-duty technician call me. Within 15 minutes Mike C. called. I explained the symptoms. He then walked me through the diagnostic info on the Carrier smart thermostat. After that he told me he was pretty sure he knew what the problem and with a quick test we could confirm it. He then walked me through the test and the problem was confirmed. He then told me how to fix it with minimal effort. Within a half hour I had my furnace back in operation without an expensive repair bill. Thank you Mike C. Thank you Mike Restano. I've always been happy with you and your staffs service

Dave H. - Google

Our old furnace stopped working. I called 730am. By 8am they had someone out to give an estimate. It was replaced the next day. The workers cleaned up my poor power wiring configuration and gave me an additional power outlet. They better located the condensate pump and provided new pvc drainage pipe. What i really appreciated was the workers looking at my water heater incoming gas line. They replaced it with a more durable product including new valve. Very friendly. Very good at what they do.

Ryan B. - Google

Compassion, patience and top-notch customer service. I had a Carrier installed when we bought our house a few years back and it began to malfunction. With the sub-zero temps and the Jan. 2019 Polar Vortex just hours away, Restano came through and was there to fix our furnace the next morning. With young children to keep warm, I felt a genuine cause for concern by the manager. Restano has won me over and will get my business from here on out. Great people, even warmer hearts.

William W. - Google

My furnace went out in the middle of the night in early March. I called Restano at about 6am and they answered the phone, and someone was on their way to me by 7am. He was very good at his job, did not try and sell me things I didn't need. Repaired the furnace and was extremely kind. I will always use Restano for both HVAC and plumbing.

Cindy K. - Google

Restano is a great company! Jim the technician came to my home today because I was hearing knocking as my heat would come on and go off. He was very educated and explained what could be the problem. He was able to fine the problem and fix it. We even had a mild conversation right before he left to ensure I understood everything. Great person great company. Thank you

Kia - Google

Heating Repair FAQs

Understanding When Your Heater Requires Attention in Pittsburgh, PA

Can Restano Heating handle emergency heating repair services in Pittsburgh?

Absolutely. While our primary focus is on repair services, Restano Heating offers 24/7 emergency heating repairs to address sudden breakdowns and malfunctions in your heating system. Our expert technicians are available around the clock for swift and reliable emergency heating repairs in Pittsburgh. If you encounter unexpected issues with your heating system, don't hesitate to call us at any time for immediate assistance. We understand the urgency of these situations and are dedicated to ensuring your comfort in every season.

What should I do if my furnace is producing strange noises during operation?

Unusual noises, such as banging or squealing, could indicate a mechanical issue with your furnace. Contact Restano Heating for a thorough inspection and timely furnace repairs by our certified HVAC technicians in Pittsburgh.

 Is it cost-effective to repair an older heating system, or should I consider a replacement? 

The decision between repair and replacement depends on various factors. Our certified technicians assess your heating system's condition, providing expert advice on whether cost-effective repairs are viable or if a replacement is more practical for long-term efficiency. Trust Restano Heating for professional guidance on heating system repairs in Pittsburgh.

How do I know if my heating system needs a heating repair in Pittsburgh, PA?

Identifying signs of potential issues with your heating system is crucial. If you experience a sudden increase in your energy bill, notice dust collecting at air vents and filters, detect an unwanted burning odor, or observe your heater frequently cycling on and off, these are indicators that your heating system may require repair. If you notice any of these signs, contact Restano Heating for a thorough inspection and prompt heating repairs by our certified HVAC technicians in Pittsburgh, PA. We're here to ensure your heating system operates efficiently and keeps your home comfortable.