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Restano Heating, Cooling, and Plumbing offer a comprehensive range of sewer services in the Pittsburgh area from sewer camera inspection to sewer line installation. Our highly skilled plumbing team utilizes advanced equipment, including trenchless sewer repair technology, for minimally invasive sewer repairs, avoiding the need for extensive digging. If your home requires a new sewer line, we provide various options, including trenchless sewer repairs, to avoid disruptive whole yard dig projects.

With over 35+ years of experience, residents trust our family-owned business for reliable and efficient sewer line repair services. Contact our sewer repair team today to ensure precision and efficiency in every job.

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Frank and his crew were very courteous and professional. They respected my house, and kept it clean the entire time they were working inside. They also finished in a timely manner. Cindy and Kristy were also very helpful throughout the whole process. I would recommend Restano to anyone in the near future.

Jeffrey G. - Google

Company was super responsive and Damon was incredibly knowledgeable. Called at 11:30 am and the problem was fixed before 3 PM. Reasonable cost and super friendly. Damon was willing to answer all our questions.

Amy H. - BBB

Chris was the tech for our sewer drain problem. He had reviewed the notes regarding the last time we had this issue - there is a design issue with this particular stretch of sewer line - and he was prepared. He listened to my explanation of the issue, got to it promptly, and had it resolved in short order. He also advised me how to help avoid this particular problem going forward. Chris was prompt, professional and friendly, and as I mentioned had things fixed quickly. Nicely done! We have used Restano for many years. They have proven to be very capable and responsive. We recommend Restano.

Steve O. - Google

I had a sewage line backup because of a clog. I called Restano and a plumber was at my house in under an hour. He was very professional, knowledgeable and courteous while he was here. After about 30 minutes, he had unclogged the line and stayed to make sure all of the fixtures were draining properly. I would definitely use them again and recommend Restano to anyone in the area.

Marcel R. - Google

Andrew from Restano was amazing with a challenging sewer back up. He persisted until he fixed the problem. I am forever grateful. He personally deserves 5 stars!!!!

Katie P. - BBB

Snaked my Clogged main pipe wide OPEN ! Couldn't be happier!!! Thanks to answering service! Scheduling!

Jim F. - Facebook

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Sewer FAQs

Ensure Reliable Sewer Services in Pittsburgh, PA

What sewer services do you provide in the Pittsburgh area?

We provide a wide range of sewer services, such as sewer camera inspection, trenchless sewer repairs, sewer line installations, and more, in Allision Park, Murrysville, Plum, Hampton Township, and surrounding communities.

How can I schedule a sewer service with Restano Heating, Cooling, and Plumbing?

Contact our team at 412-793-3190 to schedule a sewer service. You can also reach out through our website's contact form.

What is sewer camera inspection, and why is it important?

The process of sewer camera inspection entails utilizing a camera to assess the state of sewer lines. This method aids in detecting problems like obstructions, leaks, or harm, enabling precise and focused repairs. To determine the most suitable course of action for sewer line repair, reach out to our team and request a camera inspection.

Why is it important to hire registered plumbers for sewer services in Pittsburgh, PA?

Hiring professional registered plumbers ensures that you receive services from skilled and certified experts. It guarantees a higher level of expertise, adherence to industry standards, and the peace of mind that your sewer services are handled by qualified professionals in the Pittsburgh, PA area.

What is trenchless sewer repair, and how does it work?

Trenchless sewer repair is a minimally invasive method that utilizes advanced technology to fix sewer issues without extensive digging. It's an efficient and less disruptive alternative.

Learn More About Trenchless Sewer Repair

Are there specific situations where trenchless sewer repair is recommended?

Trenchless sewer repair is recommended for various scenarios, including pipe damage, tree root intrusion, and the need for sewer line replacements. Our team assesses each case to determine the best solution.