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OptiClean™ Air Scrubber

A Breath of Fresh Air For Your Space

OptiClean™ Air Scrubber

The OptiClean™ air scrubber is a portable device easily rolled into different areas of a home, office, or large commercial space. Once plugged into a standard plug, the air scrubbers quickly collect the surrounding air, passing through HEPA-grade filtration to remove 99.97% of unwanted particles. Then the system releases clean air back into the surrounding area to help improve your indoor air quality in your home or business.

At Restano Heating, Cooling & Plumbing, we constantly stay updated with the latest indoor air quality innovative products to provide top-quality solutions for our customers. Currently, the Carrier OptiClean™ air scrubber is a cutting-edge portable indoor air quality product to give homeowners and business owners healthy indoor air solutions. For more information about improving your indoor air quality, call our office today .

a classroom with desks and chairs
a room with chairs and a table

Slow & Prevent the Spread of Disease

OptiClean™ Dual-Mode Air Scrubber

We spend about 90% of our time inside at work, home, or school. We want Pittsburgh resident's indoor air to be comfortable and clean, creating a healthier environment. The OptiClean air scrubber can easily be transported from room to room and plugs into any standard electrical outlet with no additional duct work. When you look around you probably don't think about the pathogens in your air but according to the EPA there may be higher counts of many airborne pollutants inside than you are exposed to outside! See how an OptiClean Air Scrubber would work for you!

  • The Unit Pulls in Air from the Surrounding Area
  • The Air Passes through a series of filters that "scrub" away the contaminants
  • Clean, Fresh, Filters Air is recirculated back into the room

A Carrier OptiClean™ dual-mode air scrubber & negative air machine in your home or commercial space can release cleaner air back into the room. Today, improving air quality in our homes, business, or office spaces is a top priority to create a healthy space we can all feel comfortable visiting. Call our team today to learn more about Carrier air scrubbers.

  • HEPA-grade Filtration
  • Removes particles as small as 0.3 microns
  • No Ductwork Required
  • Automatic Filter Change Alerts
  • Standard MERV 7 or higher  filter
  • Portable around a home or office space
  • Three Airflow speeds

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Carrier OptiClean™ Air Scrubber

Portable Clean Air

Portable, can be rolled from room to room with ease!
Filters out particles as small at 0.3 microns
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