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What are the Benefits of Regular Drain Cleaning by a Plumbing Company in Pittsburgh?

A clogged drain in your home is a massive nuisance. At best, if you are experiencing a clog you will have to spend time trying to correct the problem yourself. At worst, a clogged drain could cause damage to your home and necessitate costly repairs.

Since clogged drains are such a common problem for homeowners, many want to know how they can prevent clogs in the future. One of the best ways to do this is by scheduling a drain cleaning with a trusted plumbing company in Pittsburgh. By opting for regular drain cleaning in your home, you can end up saving yourself money and headaches down the line. Let’s take a look at just a few of the many ways that you can benefit from regular drain cleanings!

Minimize the Chance of Clogs

By hiring a plumbing company in Pittsburgh to clean your drain, you can avoid extensive damage caused by clogs 

plumber wearing red working on kitchen sink
An experienced plumber will ensure your pipes are functioning properly during your regular cleaning.

Drain clogs always appear at the most inopportune moments for homeowners. For example, if you’re having company over and the bathroom sink is clogged you are at risk of your guest accidentally overflowing your sink! To avoid a potentially embarrassing and messy situation, you can schedule regular drain cleaning to make sure that these problems are corrected before they get out of hand.

Without regular drain cleaning, you’ll spend the rest of your time with company either trying to remedy the issue by yourself or on the phone with a plumbing company in Pittsburgh. So, if you love to entertain, drain cleaning will help you make sure that your pipes are good to go before your guests arrive.

Prevent Odors Coming From Your Pipes into Your Living Spaces

If left unchecked, your pipes create unpleasant smells that leak into your living areas

woman in kitchen holding nose bad smell
Avoid bad smells in your home with a regular drain cleaning.

If you choose not to have your drain cleaned by a plumbing company in Pittsburgh, you put your home at risk for both clogs and the unpleasant smells that they create. When your drain is clogged, any materials that come after the clog will collect in your pipes. When these materials build up, they create unpleasant odors that penetrate your living spaces. Yuck! 

When you contact a plumbing company in Pittsburgh, they can assess your drain, take steps to prevent clogs, and make sure that your home remains smelling fresh and clean all year round.

Prevent Potential Home Damage

It is far better to call a plumbing company in Pittsburgh for preventative maintenance rather than costly repairs

water damage example
Drain clogs can have disastrous consequences.

Any kind of overflow, whether it be from a toilet, sink, or bathtub, will damage your home. Moisture in floors and walls is difficult to remove and often leads to sagging and warping. Not to mention, floods and leaks often affect the space below the affected area—meaning that water damage will affect multiple floors in your home at once. The effects of water damage tend to hang around longer than you think as well. No matter how well you clean and dry the affected area, there is still a chance of mold growth. To avoid the hassle of cleaning or repairing water damage, it is best to schedule regular drain cleaning service with a plumbing company in Pittsburgh.

Kill Harmful Bacteria at the Source

Ensure that the negative health effects of a clogged drain do not reach you or your family

bacteria in petri dish
Bacteria growth in your pipes can negatively affect your health.

If your drain is fully or partially clogged, then materials will begin to build up. We discussed this in relation to unpleasant odors that are produced as a result of drain clogs. However, did you know that drain clogs can also affect your health? When clogs are ignored or not addressed properly, bacteria and fungi will begin to grow in your pipes, which can lead to negative health side effects for anyone living in your home. 

When you get your drain cleaned and inspected on a regular basis, then you won’t have to worry about the possibility of these bacteria or fungi affecting you or your family’s health.

Drain Cleaning Saves Homeowners Money in the Long Term

Paying for regular cleaning prevents you from having to pay for extensive repairs caused by drain clogs

new homeowners standing outside of suburban house
Protect your home and yard with regular drain cleanings.

Often homeowners avoid regular drain cleanings because of the cost. However, what they can’t foresee is the potential damage caused by an unknown clog in their plumbing system. We already discussed how clogs create water damage that can get very expensive to repair. But, there are other money saving benefits that homeowners can take advantage of when it comes to drain cleaning. For example, a clog that exists in your water main could result in the costly process of digging up your yard to access the pipe. Once this process is complete, it is then up to the homeowner to pay for the additional landscaping required to put your yard back together. This process is often invasive and very expensive for homeowners, so scheduling a drain cleaning from a plumbing company in Pittsburgh is a breeze in comparison.

At Restano Heating, Cooling & Plumbing, we can address any plumbing related issues in your home— including drain cleaning, inspection, and repairs. We only complete repair work using experienced, licensed technicians who use professional equipment that meets our standards. So, give us a call today and let us make sure your plumbing system is running properly.