Why You Should Not Pour Grease Down The Drain

You have most likely heard the warning to not pour cooking grease down the drain during kitchen cleanups? Most of us follow this rule, however we all have lazy days or new chefs in the kitchen who are unaware of the rule. Small amounts of grease down the kitchen drain will most likely not cause major problems, however over time as grease builds up and sticks to the kitchen drain pipes the grease can cause back ups and lead to problems in the future.  

Keep Your Kitchen Drain Healthy

Common Cooking Myths

Another common misconception is that using hot water or dish soap at the same time of grease disposure will prevent the grease from sticking to the drainpipe. However, as the grease runs down the pipe it turns from a liquid into a solid causing the grease to solidify to the pipes causing a build up within pipes. To avoid a build up, be sure to avoid pouring out cooking grease down the kitchen drain.

Clean Up Process

To avoid serious kitchen drainage problems, let the pan cool and wipe the grease off with a disposable paper towel, or collect the grease in a special bottle to reduce the amount of grease poured into the drain.

Schedule Regular Maintenance

A grease clog will cause food and other particles flowing down the kitchen drain to become stuck. Over time, the grease build up will lead the formation of a blockage, preventing your home’s waste water from draining away. In order to prevent serious damages in your plumbing pipe system schedule a yearly maintenance drain cleaning with your local plumbers to avoid grease build ups in your kitchen drain system. If drain problems are caught early, they most likely result in simple repairs that can save homeowner’s time and money down the road.

Drain Cleaning Pittsburgh, PA

At Restano Heating, Cooling & Plumbing our registered plumbers have the experience to be able to tackle the toughest drain repairs. If you are in need of drain repairs call your trusted local Pittsburgh plumbers to fix the problem. Our plumbers are trained to use professional tools if regular cleaning doesn’t solve the problem to make sure that your drains are thoroughly cleaned and repaired. Call us today to schedule a drain cleaning appointment!

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