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Why Should I Get a WiFi Thermostat?

Why Should I Get a WiFi Thermostat?

If you’ve had your thermostat for a while, you’re probably used to the way it works and aren’t considering making a change. If you’re not using a WiFi thermostat, you’re missing out on a whole host of convenient and money-saving features. If you want to simplify your life, save money on heating and cooling costs, and automate your home, then you should definitely consider a WiFi thermostat installation.

Today, we are going to be exploring all of the different advantages of upgrading your old home thermostat to a WiFi capable thermostat. Let’s dive in!

Save Money by Controlling Your Thermostat Remotely

With a WiFi thermostat installation you can control your home temperature from anywhere

controlling thermostat with smartphone
Your smartphone or smart speaker can become your home’s digital hub.

It has happened to all of us — you leave your home to visit family or go on a short trip you realize you’ve left the thermostat on high heat. This is not a fun realization as your home is now heating on high setting for no one. Short of having a friend with a spare key adjust it for you, there is nothing you can do once you’ve left for your trip. 

When you decide on a WiFi thermostat installation for your home, you’ll never have to worry about this problem ever again. With a WiFi capable thermostat, you can adjust your home temperature from anywhere using a smart device. Smart thermostats, in combination with a few others we are about to discuss, can save you up to 15% on your heating and cooling costs.

Schedule Your Heating and Cooling

With a WiFi thermostat installation, you can also preset your thermostat based on your daily routine

Schedule your thermostat to the ideal temperature.

When you get a WiFi thermostat installed in your home, you can also schedule your heating and cooling on your smart device. This feature as well as the previous one, can be found in the application that comes with your smart thermostat.

If you come home from work at the same time every day, you can set your thermostat to heat or cool your home to the perfect temperature by the time you arrive. That means no more arriving at a too hot or too cold home ever again! Just like how remote operations for your thermostat help you save money, presetting your thermostat also helps you cut down on your monthly heating and cooling costs.

Your Thermostat Will Learn Your Habits

Over time, you can rely on your WiFi thermostat installation to remember your preferences

Your thermostat can operate at your ideal temperature without any instruction.

Many WiFi capable thermostats, beyond their ability to be remote controlled and preset, can actually learn your daily habits and make temperature adjustments. For example, if you turn your heating on when you wake up every morning, your thermostat will eventually learn to automatically heat your home at the same time each morning.

Smart Thermostats Monitor Energy Use

Never receive a surprising energy bill again when you opt for a WiFi thermostat installation

energy usage meter on thermostat
Monitoring your energy usage will help you save money.

We’ve already discussed the energy saving capabilities of WiFi enabled thermostats. But, what we haven’t mentioned yet is that your smart thermostat can display and measure energy usage in real time. That means that you’ll never be shocked by an email or a bill telling you you’ve used 50% more energy this week. All you have to do is check on your thermostat to find out how much power you’ve used to control your home temperature. In many models, your smart thermostat will automatically suggest ways you can conserve energy in the future.

Use Your Smart Thermostat to Interact With Other Smart Devices

Streamline your home devices by controlling your thermostat with voice commands

smart speaker device with wifi bars
You can use your smart speaker to control your whole home.

These days, almost everyone has a smart speaker that they use to check the weather or play music. But, there are a lot of people who don’t know that you can connect your smart speaker to your WiFi capable thermostat and control your home temperature with your voice. Now that more homeowners are moving toward smart home automations — both for ease of use and for money saving reasons — voice controlled devices are more popular than ever. If you’re looking to fully optimize your home for voice control, a WiFi thermostat installation is an important step.

If you have more questions about WiFi thermostat installation or tips to help you conserve energy, call Restano Heating, Cooling & Plumbing. At Restano we can help you choose, install and operate your new smart thermostat.  We only complete work using experienced, licensed HVAC professionals who use professional equipment that meets our standards. So, give us a call today and find out how we can help you choose and install a smart thermostat.