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How to Run Plumbing to a Detached Garage in Pittsburgh, Pa

How to Run Plumbing to a Detached Garage in Pittsburgh, Pa

How to Run Plumbing to Detached Garage in Pittsburgh, PA

A detached garage can provide extra parking, additional storage, or even a guest room. However, is your garage missing convenience  factors such as a sink, bathroom, or guest shower? If any of the above come to mind on your next home project, you’ll need to run underground water lines to your detached garage. The installation of new water lines can be a large, expensive project or cost-effective, depending on various variables explained below. Continue reading to find out how plumbers tackle a home improvement project with Pittsburgh homeowners.

How is Plumbing Run to a Detached Garage?

Below is a list of the main steps expert plumbers will work through with homeowners.

  • Design a Plan: The first step after the quote is determined to devise a plan of action between the plumber and homeowner. The plumber will determine the main home’s closest plumbing line to connect to and talk you through what to expect throughout the entire process.

  • Dig Out Process: A plumber or plumbing team will begin making room for new pipes by digging out holes in the garage foundation, outside dirt, or even inside your home.

  • Install Plumbing: After the dig out is complete, the plumber will begin to create the plumbing system by installing fixtures, pipes, values, and ventilation into the detached garage.

Each detached garage project is unique depending on the type of home, garage, and homeowner’s expectations. If cost is a worry, ask your experienced plumber for tips on saving money on the plumbing project’s overall cost. During the initial quoting process, be sure to consult with your registered plumber about area plumbing regulations to avoid code violations upon project completion.

Factors that Influence Cost

A common question that comes to mind for Pittsburgh homeowners designing a detached garage is: “How much will it cost to run plumbing to a detached garage?” When a plumber is quoting the project, multiple factors influence his initial quote. Below is a list of the common obstacles plumbers take into consideration.

  • Depth of the Main Sewer Line: Cost could increase if the main sewer line is deeper in the ground than the average sewer line depth.

  • Garage Foundation: The foundation of the garage plays a significant factor in price determination. If the garage foundation is concrete, a plumber will need to spend a more substantial time drilling through the surface. However, there are ways to reduce costs throughout the process.

  • Garage Insulation: Is your detached garage insulated? If you want hot water accessible in your detached garage, insulation will allow a hot water heater to be installed. An excellent option for a detached garage is a tankless water heater because it is efficient and is cost savings in the long run.

  • Garage Ventilation: Is your garage ventilated? Adding plumbing to the detached garage ventilation must be added to prevent issues caused by moisture and condensation. A plumbing vent will need to be installed on the garage roof, allowing the water to escape.

  • Distance Between Home and Garage: The space between the main house and detached garage can play a role in the project’s cost due to longer plumbing lines run to the garage.

Various factors play into the final quote of home improvement projects. Make sure before your expert plumber leaves, he or she answers all of your questions to avoid surprises once the project begins.

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