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How to Choose a Toilet that is Best for Your Home

How to Choose a Toilet that is Best for Your Home

If you’re renovating your space and you haven’t shopped for a toilet in a whole, the process is likely a lot different from years before. These days, there are more options available than ever! So, before you start shopping, you should be aware of the decisions you’ll need to make in the process of choosing a toilet.

Before you select your new toilet, you should consider the following factors like performance, configuration, efficiency, sizing, and design. Let’s break down the most important things you should be looking for while searching for a new toilet.

Set Expectations for Toilet Performance

The first aspect of choosing a toilet you should consider is flushing performance and clog elimination

flushing toilet
You use your toilet every day, so make sure you purchase one with high performance.

When you start shopping for a new toilet, you’ll probably have more than a few questions. Off the top of your head your first question is likely — does it work well?

Performance is one of the top aspects you should consider before making your final decision. You don’t want to get a toilet that clogs too often or malfunctions, so you need to make sure that your toilet is up to your standards. 

When you are looking for a high performance toilet, you want to pay attention to the MaP score, which measures the volume of waste the toilet can move in a single flush. A good MaP score is usually between 600g and 1000g and, but your own standard for performance may differ.

Make Sure You are Choosing the Right Configuration for Your Bathroom

Don't finalize your decision without considering which toilet configuration is best for your bathroom

modern toilet from the side tile bathroom
An example of a one-piece toilet.

Depending on your bathroom, you want to consider how each toilet is configured. Your  

There are several different configurations of toilets to suit different needs. Selecting the right configuration will ensure that the toilet has the right look and will fit inside your bathroom. Let’s take a look at a few of the different toilet configurations you might encounter while shopping.

  • One-piece toilets - These models have their individual pieces molded into one continuous unit.
  • Two-piece toilets - These toilets have separate compartments for the tank and bowl. Some two-piece toilets may be more difficult to clean than their one-piece counterparts.
  • Round front toilets - These compact models are mostly used for smaller bathroom spaces.
  • Elongated toilets - This is a type of toilet that extends further out in the front. They may be more comfortable, but they also take up more space.

Once you’ve got the different toilet configurations and decided which type is best for you, let’s take a look at some of the other specs you should pay attention to.

Consider Efficient and Water Saving Models

You can save money and conserve more water with a newer energy efficient toilet

modern toilet in bathroom with shower visible
Water saving toilets can help you save money on your monthly utilities.

Now more than ever, toilets are built to conserve water. If you have an older or leaky toilet, a more energy efficient replacement could actually save money in the long run. There are a few types of water saving toilets that are currently available, so let’s break down what you should look for before choosing a toilet with water saving capabilities. 

  • High-Efficiency Toilets - Also known as HETs, these models can save up to 20% more water than standard models while achieving the same flushing performance.
  • Ultra-High Efficiency Toilets - Also known as UHETs save up to 50% more water, effectively making your toilet twice as efficient.

Depending on where you live, there is a possibility that you may be able to receive a rebate for installing a water saving toilet.

Finalize Your Sizing Requirements

Don’t choose a toilet that won’t fit in properly in your space

plumber installing new toilet in home
Pay close attention to all of the dimensions, especially the rough-in.

Since no two bathrooms are exactly the same, you need to pay close attention to the amount of space you have available for installation. Most toilets are positioned with the bowl about 12 inches away from the wall, though this could vary depending on your bathroom. The measurement between the wall and the bowl is called the rough-in. So, when you’re searching for toilets, make sure you allow enough room for the rough-in or specify if adjustments need to be made based on the size of your bathroom.

Choose a Toilet That Fits With the Design of Your Bathroom

Toilets are more than functional, they can add a bit of design to your bathroom too

modern bathroom design with modern looking toilet
An example of modern and sleek bathroom design.

Now that you’ve determined the performance, configuration, efficiency, and sizing, the last thing to consider is the design. When choosing a toilet, you want to make sure that it fits well with the rest of the decor in your bathroom. Depending on your personal taste and design preferences, you may want to opt for something traditional or something more modern. Traditionally designed toilets are usually two-piece models and contribute to a more vintage, homey aesthetic. On the other hand, more modern designed toilets tend to be one-piece and are manufactured to look sleek and angular. Ultimately, your decision will come down to how you want to design your bathroom, so it is best to shop around until you find a design that goes perfectly with your home.

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