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How to Choose a Plumber in Pittsburgh, Pa

How to Choose a Plumber in Pittsburgh, Pa

How to Find a Plumber: Ask for Advice

Just as the question “how to choose a plumber” pops in your head, think of individuals you trust to give you advice. Although you might not have experienced working with a plumber yet, many homeowners you are familiar with have.

To begin your research, ask individuals that you trust about their past experiences with local Pittsburgh plumbing companies.

First, ask friends and family who are local homeowners in the Pittsburgh area about their experiences with local plumbing companies. If they have worked with a plumber before, ask about the process so that you understand how different companies operate and do business.

Second, ask a trusted neighbor if your family or friends are not local. A neighbor is another good resource when evaluating local plumbing companies. Inquire about their plumbing contractor experiences who serve your local area to ensure you feel more educated with how to choose a plumber.

However, if friends, family, or neighbors fall short of advising here are alternatives to find out information about local plumbing companies.

  • Research Pittsburgh plumbing companies on home improvement contractor databases.
  • Check your community or neighborhood’s Facebook group for assistance on selecting a plumbing company.
  • Research past customer experiences documented online by reading online reviews and observe the customer’s tone and how the organization responded to the reviews.

Online reviews can be an excellent resource to learn about past customer experiences. However, sometimes reviews leave out a large segment of the issue and how the company went about solving the problem. In this case, analyze how the organization went about reacting to the negative reviews. Was the company professional and attempted to fix the recent issue for the unhappy customer?

How to Hire a Plumber: Assessment Criteria

Once you have the names of a few Pittsburgh plumbing companies, you need to know what to look for before you hire one. Investigate these companies before you call and evaluate them during your estimate.

  • Does the plumbing company hold the proper licenses required in your region to ensure the work can be completed? Ask questions about the permit process.

  • How long has the company been serving your local area?

  • Does the plumbing company offer other essential services you could need in the future, such as emergency repairs?

  • Are employees polite on the phone and in your home? Did the employee arrive in a company uniform? What actions does the organization take to shield your home while at work?

Lastly, always read through the plumber’s quote to ensure your expectations will be met by the company.

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