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Benefits of UV Lights Installed in Your HVAC System

Benefits of UV Lights Installed in Your HVAC System

What are the benefits of UV Light Installation in HVAC Systems?

Recently, the installation of UV-C lights into your HVAC systems has become a hot topic. During consumer research about UV light installation various questions pop into consumer’s heads. Do UV lights work? What are the benefits of UV lights installed in your HVAC system? How much do UV lights cost?

Your HVAC system works to circulate air around your home, but this means it can also circulate airborne viruses and bacteria throughout your home. The UV light is normally installed in the evaporator coil where molds and bacteria hide before being circulated around your home. The UV-C light is a natural disinfectant that penetrates the membranes of microorganisms and pathogens and destroys them by disrupting their DNA. This helps to prevent the spread of viruses and bacteria throughout your home, helping you maintain healthier indoor air quality.

Reducing unwanted airborne particles is a goal to achieve by many homeowners. One option to reduce airborne particles is the installation of a UV-C light within the unit’s coil to reduce biofilm as well as provide numerous benefits to your home’s air quality. Benefits of UV-C include:

Reducing Dust with UV lights

Dust is an annoyance that many homeowners deal with. Not only is dust unsightly on furniture, photo frames, and other decorations in your home, it can also aggravate allergies, making it uncomfortable for you or your family members.

Improve Your System's Airflow

As mentioned above, UV lighting destroys microorganisms. This means that UV light can also prevent microbial buildup on your air filters, drain pans, cooling coils, and other duct surfaces. By reducing contaminant buildup in the duct-work, the heat exchange and airflow will be improved. With better airflow, you will be able to reduce your home’s energy use, reduce maintenance costs, and will also experience an enhanced air quality.

Make Your System More Energy Efficient

UV-C can also make your system more energy-efficient when the wavelength of the UV-C light is between 200 - 280 nanometers. When the UV-C light is in the correct range of nanometers and posited in the coil correctly the captured dirt or biofilm’s thickness can be greatly reduced, providing the ideal conditions to kill airborne particles.

Ultraviolet Germicidal Irradiation, UV light coil before and after

UV Light Installation Services:

At Restano Heating, Cooling, and Plumbing, we are dedicated to providing our clients with the best indoor air quality solutions. We continue to educate ourselves on indoor air quality in order to stay up to date with new technology offering various options for our customers. If you are interested in UV lighting or other air quality solutions for your home, visit our website for more details on featured products. Contact us today to learn more about how Restano Heating, Cooling & Plumbing can improve your homes indoor air quality!