The two most common plumbing problems can be described broadly as leaks and plugs. The severity of the plumbing fixture leaks may vary, but even seemingly small issues should be resolved quickly. Small drips and slow draining sinks will turn into leaks and stopped-up sinks.

Drips, sweating pipes, and leaks point to plumbing problems, many of which can be fixed easily. Dripping faucets can often be quickly fixed by replacing the washers inside the faucet. This re-tightens the seal in the faucet, stopping the drip. Leaks also can be caused by rusting pipes or bad seals. Most leaks can be fixed with a relatively small replacement piece, but since the piece must fit precisely, they can be hard to identify or find. Why not let a plumber quickly solve these simple problems for you?

Fixture Leaks for Plugs

Early signs of plugs can be slow, draining water, foul odors coming from the sink. In the case of toilets, even clogs you seem to be able to clear may be a sign of more permanent problems. Plugs can be caused by mineral deposits, excess sediment in pipes, or an accumulation of grease. Each of these causes is more easily fixed the sooner it is caught. Naturally, the fix depends on the cause. Deposits can be removed or dissolved away. Some plugs will require a snake or a sink augur to get back to normal draining. Your plumber will be able to diagnose and fix many of the causes of plugs quickly.

All plumbing leaks should be handled by a professional to ensure a complete solution!

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